Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There is no password needed to log into Passport, how are my details secure? 

A: All logins are verified using an email link. Only the person with access to the linked email account will be able to log in, meaning your details are more secure than they would be with just a password.

Q: I have gone back into the app after not using it for a long time, do I have to log back in?

A: If you have not logged in for more than 100 days, the app will automatically log you out and you will be required to sign in once more using the access code. You will not receive the welcome email again.

Q: I have added my photo to the app but the InVentry unit still asks to take my photo. Why is this?

A: We’re working on this feature. Your app photo will be transferred across to the InVentry unit in a future app update.  

Q: I haven’t received my access code email, where is it?

A: Please check your junk/spam folder as it may have inadvertently gone in there. If you still can’t see an email, you can click the resend link on the access code screen which will send the same email again.

Q: I have clicked my access code in my email but it hasn’t taken me to the main screen. Why is this?

A: This can happen if you use an old access code. If you resend the access code, any previous codes will expire and you will not be able to use these to login to the app.

Q: I entered my access code on the app but it took me back to the email entry screen. Why did this happen?

A: If you enter a code 3 times incorrectly, you will automatically be redirected back to the email entry screen to restart the process.

Q: I entered my car registration but it wasn’t accepted. Why?

A: All car registrations are validated against the DVLA database to ensure the registration is a valid UK car registration.

Q: I have entered my name but it is not allowing me to save. Why has this happened?

A: You cannot save the name field unless there are at least 2 names in there as this is required for interacting with the InVentry unit